Thursday, February 7, 2019

How to install or display a Google ads on the line Articles

Hello, guys. Welcome and visit on my blog. On this occasion I will discuss.How to install or display a Google adsense AD on the line Articles. Because, for more advertisements are all the pages of the articles.
Step By Step
1. Login to
2.and then go to the post menu

3.Pick a post that wants to be advertised.  Klick Edit or new Post

4.klick tab HTML

5. login to account google adsense

6. Go to menu Ads . Klick unit Ads

7.klick new unit ads. Then Selecting a type ads of text and display

8.input name ads ,and then klick save and get code

9.copy paste code ads

10.go to account blogger. And back to page post HTML
11.and now copy paste code ads to  under the pages of articles. And publish


thanks you for visit on my blog

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